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    In this year ICC world cup is the most popular event. Here is the full list of world cup match schedule


    30 May ENG vs 🇿🇦RSA 2:30pm

    31 May 🇵🇰PAK vs 🇪🇸WI 2:30pm

    01 June 🇳🇿NZ vs 🇱🇰 SL

    01 June 🇦🇫AFG vs 🇬🇧AUS 5:30pm

    02 June 🇿🇦RSA vs 🇧🇩BD 2:30pm

    03 June 🇵🇰PAK vs ENG 2:30pm

    04 June 🇦🇫AFG vs 🇱🇰SL 2:30pm

    05 June 🇿🇦RSA vs 🇮🇳IND 2:30pm

    05 June 🇧🇩BD vs 🇳🇿NZ 5:30pm

    06 June 🇬🇧AUS vs 🇪🇸WI 2:30pm

    07 June 🇵🇰PAK vs 🇱🇰SL 2:30pm

    08 June ENG vs 🇧🇩BD 2:30pm

    08 June 🇦🇫AFG vs 🇳🇿NZ 5:30pm

    09 June 🇮🇳IND vs 🇬🇧AUS 2:30pm

    10 June 🇿🇦RSA vs 🇪🇸WI 2:30pm

    11 June 🇧🇩BD vs 🇱🇰SL 2:30pm

    12 June 🇵🇰PAK vs 🇬🇧AUS 2:30pm

    13 June 🇮🇳IND vs 🇳🇿NZ 2:30pm

    14 June ENG vs 🇪🇸WI 2:30pm

    15 June 🇱🇰SL vs 🇬🇧AUS 2:30pm

    15 June 🇿🇦RSA vs 🇦🇫AFG 5:30pm



    16 June PAK🇵🇰 vs IND🇮🇳 2:30pm



    17 June 🇪🇸WI vs 🇧🇩BD 2:30pm

    18 June ENG vs 🇦🇫AFG 2:30pm

    19 June 🇳🇿NZ vs 🇿🇦RSA 2:30pm

    20 June 🇬🇧AUS vs 🇧🇩BD 2:30pm

    21 June ENG vs 🇱🇰SL 2:30pm

    22 June 🇮🇳IND vs 🇦🇫AFG 2:30pm

    22 June 🇪🇸WI vs 🇳🇿NZ 5:30pm

    23 June 🇵🇰PAK vs 🇿🇦RSA 2:30pm

    24 June 🇧🇩BD vs 🇦🇫AFG 2:30pm

    25 June ENG vs 🇬🇧AUS 2:30pm

    26 June 🇵🇰PAK vs 🇳🇿NZ 2:30pm

    27 June 🇪🇸WI vs 🇮🇳IND 2:30pm

    28 June 🇱🇰SL vs 🇿🇦RSA 2:30pm

    29 June 🇵🇰PAK vs 🇦🇫AFG 2:30pm

    29 June 🇳🇿NZ vs 🇬🇧AUS 5:30pm

    30 June ENG vs 🇮🇳IND 2:30pm

    01 July 🇱🇰SL vs 🇪🇸WI 2:30pm

    02 July 🇧🇩BD. vs 🇮🇳IND 2:30pm

    03 July ENG vs 🇳🇿NZ 2:30pm

    04 July 🇦🇫AFG vs 🇪🇸WI 2:30pm

    05 July 🇵🇰PAK vs 🇧🇩BD 2:30pm

    06 July 🇱🇰SL vs 🇮🇳IND 2:30pm

    06 July 🇬🇧AUS vs 🇿🇦RSA 2:30pm

    09 July #1st_Semi_Final 2:30pm

    11 July #2nd_Semi_Final 2:30pm

    14 July #The_FINAL🏆 2:30pm

    Enjoy ICC world cup 2019. Also post here more about ICC world cup 2019


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