Is a water damaged LG Cookie mobile phone worth anything?

  • I dropped it in water 3 days ago (duh) and have been drying it since. The 2 red dots have appeared on the battery & inside the fone so presumably it aint going to work anymore. I was just wondering is it any good to sell for spares? Other than it not working, it's in excellent condition, LOL!

  • Used phones aren't worth crap to begin with are they? I mean we have boxes full of used donated phones around work her all the time. haha. I mean it's just because it's so easy to get one free now days for people anyway.

  • my other half accidentaly put her sonyericson in the washing machine, it was pooped but a week of drying out and it worked again, i say worked but i use that in the loosest sense of the word. some of the buttons dont work on it but it still works as a phone for txts, calls and the odd photo an music. She had it on the radiator for days, some people say putting it in dry rice will help take the moisture out of it