How do I connect 2 computers in different rooms to broadband

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    Thanks for your valuable topic on broadbandtips. You connect your two different Pc or Laptop via Local Area connection. if you have wi-fi modem u done it easy. The other method is connect these two computers with UTP cable and RJ 45 Connector. Peer to peer connection is suitable. The method of Internet broadband sharing to one Pc to another is discuss on this forum. Please check topics

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  • You should be able to add a broadband router to your setup cheaply, which allows a single connection, multiple computers.
    Connect your modem to the router then connect your two computers using rj45 (ethernet) cables or usb. Some routers need to be a modem router which renders your broadband router useless. Some broadband companies require you to register every PC used on the network sharing the internet...

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    Go for high speed internet connection plan, use single modem and connect both PC or system or laptops with the help of an ordinary LAN wire. I am using the same in my colony, it is working very fine.