jiofi.local.html forgot username and password

  • Many peoples now use JioFI device for their wireless broadband needs. Jio is one of the best and fast broadband provider in india. Some times when try to access JioFi admin panel through jiofi.local.html we found that we are lost the username and password. So how to retrieve the username and password for JioFi login. You can follow the steps:

    1.Reset the JioFi device

    1. Open jiofi Router Back cover.
    2. You can see the “Reset” Area on the side
    3. Use your sim ejector pin to press on the reset button.
    4. Your JioFI device is successfully reset .

    After all you can login your device Admin panel through jiofi.local.html or by typing on your browser. Use Default username and password. Then change it.