Airtel broadband/landline billing scam

  • I cam across a scam of the Airtel and I thought to share it with you guys. It will help to be aware of what can happen.

    I' have been a customer of Airtel broadband for close to 12 years now. Started off with the 128 kbps back then to recently getting an upgrade after repeated requests to 40 mbps V-Fiber. Took all the energy out of me to get this finally sorted in Jan 2018.
    I have subscribed for automatic payment for Airtel and never did I scrutinize the bill thoroughly until recently in December 2017 when I was asking for this upgrade to V-Fiber.

    What I noticed was shocking!!!
    1. Additional charges on my bill - Airtel Hello Tunes, PC Secure and Storage all together for Rs 215 every month. I honestly didn't even know what the PC Secure and Storage were. Ofcourse, secure gives and indication, but is that exactly, no clue as I haven't installed any software from Airtel.

    So here is what I do, I lodge a complaint with Appellate and tell them that you have added wrong things on my account without my consent and I want a refund for the same for the period that you have levied these charges on my account.

    I continue following up 2-3 times a day spending about 30 minutes of my time for each call trying to see the status. All that I heard was we are working on it, please give us some time. Finally somewhere in the first week of Jan, I get a call from a person named Divya saying : Sir, we have gone through the bill, we have seen those charges and we will refund you 4000 Rs. I told them, how is 4000 Rs cutting this, this is close to 20,000 INR of SCAM. She replies : Sir we will first refund this 4000 then we will look into the older things. The next call was from Prachi regarding the same, but the same story. That was it, upgraded to V-Fiber and no more calls.

  • It is obvious that airtel must be deceiving actual consumers by deflating their bills in a fraudulent manner. Is there any regulator which could at random look into complaints of actual users and the relief, if any, offered by airtel. Airtel has not so far given any explanation to me for their fraudulent act though I received calls for payment and insisting that broadband connection exists at my place.

    Finally after lots of discussions, initiated from my end, as its my need to have broadband for my business, we realized that Airtel Broadband has FAULTY and NAIVE and KID LIKE Systems. After checking the BILL I came to realize that at one billing line I had started internet at 8.59.51 pm. I was billed over 600 rs for that. Meaning Airtel was not automatically stopping my billing at 9pm.

    I ve been asking your customer care division for quite a long time. You shouldn't be asking me for the overdue amount when I've requested for your service for just 3 months.