How to keep you business network secure?

  • Hello Guys / Gals,

    This thread is to share the top tips to keep your business network secure. I would like to share the tips I have and you can share the tips you have on mind.

    • Turn on wireless encryption.
    • Consider installing third-party security software to protect your network.
    • Turn on the firewall.
    • Change the default administrator password to one that is long and complex.
    • Physically secure the router. Internal hackers can physically reset the router and return it to factory settings, opening it to illicit access. Keep your router in a secure place.
    • Choose secure passwords and change them regularly.
  • Cybersecurity training for employees is now a must for every business. Too many users skip on basic security practices such as strong passwords, updating their software or not recognizing a phishing email. Use encryption on your wireless access points (AP). Many site surveys have found half or more of all wireless networks are wide open, ripe for anyone to gather all the traffic and perhaps record your sensitive information by sitting in a nearby parked car.