D LINK New modem settings

  • I want to use a new browsing modem of d-link. do i have to get it calibrated?
    Please tell me if i need to first calibrate it before using,
    I want the browsing totally free and uninterrupted.

  • @webexpert
    Please mention details of the present ADSl modem you use.
    Also the details of D'Link wifi router say dir 524 etc.
    Mention how many systems you use desktop/laptop/smartphones etc.

  • Hi,
    If you are using it for a personal system then it is fine but if you are using it within a network or distributed system then the issues with speed and interruption may cause.

  • D link is the most popular modem that use today. I am using bsnl broadband at home. I use d link modem. D link modems are very useful with user friendly settings. If you have any doubt with d link modem settings please share here