MTNL Broadband Plans and Tariff

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    This is the place for adding new tariff plans of MTNL Broadband . Please Reply with new broadband plans of MTNL you know. This may help people to know about new plans of MTNL in Mumbai and Delhi


  • i do not know presently any tariff at present, but i want to know whats the tariff rates, if any one know please post here for info..

  • hey you can get information about mtnl broadband plans and tariff... just go in google and search .. ya go on mtnl website and check...

  • Recently, MTNL has announced the launch of four new Unlimited Broadband Plans for Rs.450, Rs.550, Rs.650 and Rs.800. The Unlimited 450 plan is Non-Combo Broadband Plan can be clubbed or taken with existing MTNL landline. While, New Unlimited 550 Combo plan comes with Rent Free Landline and also offering 25 free calls per month to any network in Mumbai circle.