Majic Jack MTNL broadband India

  • Hai

    I need to know How use Majic Jack in Idia? .

    I have sent a magicjack device to family in Mumbai who have MTNL isp service and after the Majic Jack was connected to the computer and software installed, they get a dial-tone but when calling a number in USA it does not connect. When I call the MJ number I get to Majic jack voicemail.

    So initially I thought it may be a firewall issue but it was not as the firewall was turned off and still didn't work. Has anyone with MTNL service successfully got MJ working in Mumbai? if so, was there anything special that needs to be done?

    Please give me reply .. I have posted this question on many sites but I cant get right answer. So can u give a reply?


  • I have used MTNL broadband in Mumbai for 2 years, but i do not know what is Majic Jack, Is it related with modem or something.

  • Majic jack is offered by MTNL in Delhi and Mumbai. These are data cards which are like any other data cards offered by private operators.

  • CHECK for all details here.

    For making telephone calls via Internet Known as VOIP.
    I used Vonage, and now switching over to OOMA.
    ( both have a U. S Telephone number )
    These are three well known VOIP services.
    Computer needed only for initial testing Internet etc.
    Broadband Internet connection :
    Telephone LINE===>>> ADSL MODEM==>> VOIP UNIT==>> Telephone
    ( for VONAGE and OOMA)
    MagicJack is an USB device. Not checked. setup. Details in their web site.