How to format samsung mobile phone

  • Hi I have a samsung mobile. loading of OS is very slow.. How can I format samsung mobile phone . Any one know step by step procedure for mobile phone memmory formating?

  • Hi . u want to re install the whole software on your samsung mobile? .. Risk but I tell u some tips here. To get a new firmware go to samsungs official website and you should be able to get the firmawre update from there

    hard reset on the phone
    Please use this codes




    N.B: you must take out the sim card from your mobile first.

    Please contact your service provider first

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    This option from my friend not me.. Please use your own risk

    To perform a hard reset, enter the following code

    PS: This code will delete all your contacts, call records, etc. without confirmation. Make sure you backup your data before performing this action.

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  • Samsung Mobile format steps:

    1. First of all Switch Mobile phone.
    2. Start the Mobile phone + Home button + Power button.
    3. If you see the menu in your screen, choose with Volume buttons "wipedata/factory reset" and select with Power button.
    4. Next confirm the operation by Power button.
    5. Then in the menu select reboot.