voip termination & sell minutes

  • Hi fellows,
    Start your business with Alrehmanvoip, we provide voipswitch with secure reliable, rental and sale basis.
    With original files and modules, we also provide termination as you required hot detinations,so come along with us
    And start your business with no worry.

    whole sale
    1/1 billing
    web cdr
    excellent quality
    sip/h323 compatible.

    voipswitch and Features
    Original files
    sale/rent (both scenario)
    calling card
    online shop
    voip Tunnel (where sip blocked)
    Multiple skin Dialer (with your own brand logo)
    vsportal (new)
    version available 965/983/985/987
    All stable versions with many features.

    New Rental Scenario
    50 concurrent calls – Pentium IV 2.4 GHz 512 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD
    (3 Mbps dedicated bandwidth, Price = 150 USD/month)

    120 concurrent calls – Atom 330 (4 Core), 3.0 GHz ,2 GB RAM ,120 GB HDD
    (4 mbps dedicated bandwidth price =200 USD/month)

    300 concurrent calls – Quad Core ,2.33 GHz ,4 GB RAM 200 GB HDD
    (10 mbps unlimited traffic dedicated bandwidth Price = 300USD /month)

    1000 concurrent calls – Dual Quad Core 3.0 GHz 4GB RAM 180 GB HDD
    (30 mbps dedicated bandwidth Price = 650 USD /month)

    For further information please contact below link.

    Kind Regards